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Poster: Purple Gel Date: Sep 10, 2006 1:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Why I love Phil and Jerry- Trying again-

I always loved it when Phil and jerry would push each other and pick up the energy. More often than not, it appeared to me, that Phil was the instigator who would pull Jerry along with him, although it happened the other way around on many occasions. There are so many of these Jerry/Phil moments that anyone of us could write a small novel on the subject.

I am going to pick a few, which are some of my favorites.

10-27-79: Throughout the whole pre drums Phil just drives Jerry through over an hour of intense jamming. In the jam at Dancin, Phil constantly picks up the energy and Jerry responds for what IMO is the greatest Dancin ever, followed by one of the greatest Franklin's. At the end of Franklin's, Jerry appears to be quieting down and wrapping up the song when Phil rips out some powerful rhythmic bass lines and you can hear Jerry just pick up the energy and the jam goes on for another 2-3 minutes before the song ends. Also during the Caution Jam and throughout the Other One, Phil just keeps pushing the whole band and Jerry, in particular just picks up on it and keeps the energy going.

12/9/81: This is only several seconds long. I Know You Rider, during the jam right before Bobby's verse. Phil dropped a bomb and then ripped out a powerful lick, Jerry, who until then had his head down and was performing a very good, but fairly standard jam, jerked his head up, turned to Phil with a smile on his face, started rocking back and forth, and upped the energy 100%, you can feel it, and hear it on the SBD. When Bob starts his verse, Jerry rips out a very sweet, unique little riff between "The sun gonna shine" and "In my back door", before settling back into a very hot version of the song. I was there in front of the sounboard, and remember chills going down my back. It was just one of those times, no longer than 15 to 20 seconds from Phil's first bomb to Jerry's final lick, that sticks out in the hundreds of hours of shows that I attended.

(I guess i can write a short novel on just 20 seconds of Dead...LOL)

I also remember some great interplay between Jerry and Brent, The ones that spring immediately to mind are on Shakedown Street and Prophet >Eyes at Nassau on 10-31-79

As for other duo's that have this kind of communication. When I was seeing Hot Tuna back in the mid 70's I remember witnessing these kinds of moments betweem Jorma and Jack, a duo that I believe is often overlooked as one of the top guitar/bass rock duos of all times.

Also, in Reggae the band Roots Radics, who were the closest thing to a jamaican Jam band that I have seen, used to get those kinds of moments between Flabba Holt (Bassist) and the two guitarists, Dwight Pinkney and Bingy Bunny.

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